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Scrap Trakker | Presented by Avista Solutions International Inc.

SCRAP TRAKKER is a turn-key system that includes hardware, software, consulting and training, all designed to help facilities take better control of waste while significantly reducing the costs associated with waste data collection and reporting.

The SCRAP TRAKKER system combines data collection and administrative software with a shop hardened hardware package utilizing touchscreen and barcode technologies. Compared to traditional methods, these components enable the system to collect and report waste data faster, more accurately and with fewer plant resources.

I. Identify and Reduce Waste

SCRAP TRAKKER will integrate with your existing scrap processes and procedures to track the volume of waste in your plant by date, time, shift, type and root cause.

Corrugated facilities nationwide rely on SCRAP TRAKKER to make the scrap collection and reporting process FASTER and more ACCURATE while utilizing FEWER PLANT RESOURCES. Here are five ways SCRAP TRAKKER immediately improves the "old way" of collecting and tracking scrap:

Scrap Trakker
  • Touch Screen /Bar Code ID - automated identification eliminates human error
  • Complete, Comprehensive Data - identify waste type, location and shift
  • Consistent Real Time Reports – react faster to accurate, hard data
  • Automatic Bale Tags and Bill of Lading - create outgoing documentation, instantly
  • Historical View of Waste Performance – build knowledge over time and make better long term decisions

II. Save Money

Each and every feature of SCRAP TRAKKER contributes to bottom line cost savings. Savings and improvements like:

  • Eliminate clerical related cost to manual waste reporting processes
  • Eliminate quantity of overruns to increase production capacity
  • Empower management with data to make better decisions faster
  • Increase control of recycled bales
  • Increase Plant Productivity with Accurate Data
  • Increase productivity at the scrap and baler operation
  • Increase waste management awareness plant-wide
  • Eliminate hand calculations
  • Eliminate transposing numbers
  • Start Corrective Action Plans Faster and Continuously Track Progress
  • Provide faster corrective action in production
  • Provide management with a faster comparative review system
  • Reduce clerical / accounting related costs
  • Reduce the time required to track, report and manage waste process
  • Reduce time spent creating reports

III. Employ Leaner Processes

Increasing productivity creates a stronger bottom line, higher quality products and services, faster turnaround times and more satisfied employees. By employing “Lean Manufacturing” concepts, a manufacturer can significantly increase productivity. A critical component of Lean Manufacturing is the unending quest to eliminate waste and variability from business processes.

Permanent waste reduction starts with timely accurate waste reporting. Managers need to know how much scrap was created, by location and type (i.e. warp, peel, etc.) to effectively address the cause and improve the conditions that generate the waste.

SCRAP TRAKKER utilizes touch screen and bar code technologies to allow shop personnel to collect all of the information needed, quickly and effortlessly, at the time the waste is weighed. The data is captured electronically and therefore there is no need for additional clerical or other resources to report comprehensive and accurate waste information.

SCRAP TRAKKER generates real-time, detailed waste reports whenever you want them and without having to rely on assistance from other departments. Your managers get the data they need to improve operations and reduce waste.

The data and reports that SCRAP TRAKKER automatically and instantly provides office management and production staff with the ammunition they need to develop best practices and control processes that work for their particular needs – short term and long term.

These productivity improvements increase output per employee and produce higher margins.

About Us

SCRAP TRAKKER® is a turnkey computerized waste management solution specifically designed for corrugated manufacturing facilities.

Its purpose is to ease the process of collecting corrugated and paperboard waste data and provide accurate, comprehensive and timely reports that empower the plant personnel with the information needed to target waste reduction efforts.

SCRAP TRAKKER® is owned and operated by Avista Solutions International Inc. To view our full range of offerings please visit our main web site at

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